Reformer Rialto with Tower

Rialto Reformer with Tower

Basic set price.
The price does not include VAT. The price includes the cost of shipping from the USA to Europe and customs clearance costs.

Basic set price.
The price does not include VAT. The price includes the cost of shipping from the USA to Europe and customs clearance costs.

The Rialto Reformer has been designed in a modern style, with a tower and a mat. It allows you to perform nearly all exercises possible with the Trapeze Table, taking up no more space than the reformer itself.

“Designed for new challenges. Built to withstand them.”

Rialto Reformer with Tower

It is a modern, multifunctional machine designed with individual and group classes in Pilates studios in mind, whose owners care about maintaining a modern and coherent interior style. The Rialto Reformer with Tower is a result of a combination of many years of experience and refining of the equipment with a new, unique design to satisfy the most demanding clients.

The set includes a reformer, a tower, and a mat system. The tower included in the system allows you to perform exercises on its both sides and smoothly and quietly adjust bars and springs. The stable mat provides safety and comfort during long Pilates trainings, and the durable and long-lasting upholstery can endure plenty of intensive exercises.

The machine has been designed for classes under the supervision of trainers and therapists in studios and clinics, but it can also be successfully used at home with greater space, thanks to its quiet work and ease of use. The mats included in the set can be used not only for exercises on the reformer, placed quickly and effortlessly on its frame, but also on the floor.

The Rialto Reformer with Tower comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

Pilates Clinical Reformer  w użyciu
Pilates Clinical Reformer - rama
Frame and legs
  • Stylish and modern, hand-finished with a satin finish in combination with graphite aluminium legs
  • Durable and stable
  • Handcrafted maple frame
  • Wide, built-in standing platform with non-skid surface
  • Legs made of extruded graphite aluminium
  • One standard frame height – 36 cm
Pilates Clinical Reformer - rama
  • Smooth and quiet carriage ride
  • Easily and quickly adjustable ropes and clamps
  • Easily removable shoulder rests with two adjustments to accommodate users with narrower or wider shoulders more quickly
  • Soft, padded headrest supporting the head and neck
  • Extremely comfortable and stable foam, covered with durable and pleasant to the touch upholstery of high quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Upholstery colour: black
Pilates Clinical Reformer - rama
  • The 5 Signature Springs System allows you to use different resistance (46 adjustments available)
  • The set includes the following springs: 3 red (medium resistance), 1 blue (light resistance), and 1 green (high resistance)
  • Precise Signature Springs make it possible to consistently repeat movements requiring the same force
  • Equipped with spring collars ensuring safe attachment
  • Made of durable nickel-plated carbon steel
Pilates Clinical Reformer - rama
Footbar and spring attachment system
  • The footbar and springbar adjustment system provides adjustment flexibility and allows you to create ergonomically correct position of every user during exercise, regardless of their size, height, or ability
  • Footbar ensures perfect adjustment to the users’ height thanks to 5 footbar positions
  • Easy adjustment of the footbar with one hand or foot – it is sufficient to lift the footbar and move it to the next position
  • Safe, equipped with a lock
  • Comfortable, padded, covered with pleasant to the touch and non-skid material
  • Adjustable spring attachment system with the possibility of adjusting the distance
Pilates Clinical Reformer - rama
  • Stable and safe – easy installation in the pre-set openings in the legs of the reformer
  • Equipped with 29 spring attachment points
  • Made of graphite aluminium in a minimalist style
  • Easy to clean
  • Included push-through bar equipped with a safety strap, adjusts to 3 heights
  • Maple wood bar for even greater training possibilities
  • Balanced Body Signature Springs provide efficient arm and leg exercises with diverse resistance
  • The set includes 4 shorter springs: 2 yellow (very light resistance), 2 blue (light resistance), and 4 longer springs: 2 yellow (very light resistance), and 2 purple (medium resistance)
  • 1 pair of cotton loops
  • Minimum height of the room required for tower installation: 208 cm
Rialto Balanced Body
  • Twin mats adjusted to the length of the entire frame of the reformer
  • Makes it possible to quickly convert the reformer, creating a fixed and stable base for exercises
  • Fast and easy installation, requires only the removal of the shoulder rests from the carriage and folding of the footbar
  • Can be also used for exercises on the floor, which provides a possibility to use both sides of the tower
  • Perfect adjustment of the mats to the frame of the reformer prevents them from shifting during exercises
  • Soft and delicate padding provides proper stability, ensuring maximum comfort
  • Upholstery colour: black
Balanced Body Pilates Rialto Reformer - wyposażenie dodatkowe

The set also includes:

  • Sitting Box Lite – a light box made of heavy-duty, high-density foam for prone and sitting exercises, facilitating stretching of abdominal and lateral muscles (43cm x 78cm x 27cm)
  • 1 black cotton foot strap

Dimensions and weight

Rialto Reformer with Tower

Height: 36 cm
Height with tower: 189,5 cm
Length: 244 cm
Width: 57 cm
Tower weight: 18 kg
Reformer weight with tower: 82 kg

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