Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination

Reformer Trapeze Combination

Basic set price.
The price does not include VAT. The price includes the cost of shipping from the USA to Europe and customs clearance costs.

Basic set price.
The price does not include VAT. The price includes the cost of shipping from the USA to Europe and customs clearance costs.

The most comprehensive exercise and rehabilitation system combining the Studio Reformer with the Cadillac. It allows you to conduct training or therapeutic activities with varying difficulty levels even in a limited space.

“A combination of two exceptional machines, taking up the space of just one”

Reformer Trapeze Combination

The Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination is a perfect solution for home use, small studio, or office where space for exercise equipment is limited. It was originally created and built by Balanced Body in 1994 for one of the most known and valued physiotherapists specialising in injuries related to dance and ballet training. It combines a complete, fully functional Studio Reformer with a trapeze (Cadillac), saving space and not taking up more space than the reformer itself.

Reformer Trapeze Combination is a unique device for complex Pilates training as well as comfortable work of physiotherapists and rehabilitators with their patients. The system allows you to perform exercises on the reformer with a carriage, on the reformer using a trapeze or on a stable mat (placed on the floor or on the frame of the reformer) using a trapeze.

The machine provides almost unlimited training possibilities in all planes, both by users with limited motor skills and advanced athletes. It allows you to perform comfortably and safely gentle and assisted therapeutic exercises and impressive acrobatics.

Reformer Trapeze Combination comes with limited lifetime warranty.

Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination w użyciu
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination - rama
  • Standard height 61 cm, optionally available heights 36 or 46 cm for the best adjustment to the needs of users
  • Made of wide maple-wood boards (17.7 cm) – Strata Rock Maple 
  • Stable, durable, and long-lasting – with limited lifetime warranty
  • Hand-finished, with a satin finish
  • Built-in standing platform (69 x 11 cm) covered with non-skid finish
  • Durable mounting elements made of anodised aluminium reducing friction and abrasion
  • Easily adjustable metal posts holding the ropes allow for a quick conversion of one of 4 rope attachment heights (from 5 to 33 cm in relation to the frame)
  • Adjustable pulleys allow ropes to work at any angle
  • Safe ropes with adjustable length
  • Optional openings for mounting the headrest to position and rest your head or face during the session
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination - ruchoma platforma
  • Light and robust
  • Smooth and quiet ride and greater stability thanks to the use of a one-piece rail and a customised 8-wheel system
  • 2-position, easily removable TwistLock shoulder rests allow for quick adjustment to clients with wider or narrower shoulders (the distance between them can be increased by 2.5 cm)
  • 3-position padded headrest for cervical support
  • Comfortable, heavy-duty vinyl and foam padding for stability during exercise
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Upholstery colour: black
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination - sprężyny
  • The 5 Signature Springs System ensures up to 46 resistances
  • The set includes the following springs: 1 blue (light resistance), 3 red (medium resistance) and 1 green (high resistance)
  • Precise Signature Springs make it possible to consistently repeat movements requiring the same force
  • The longest available springs are offered exclusively by Balanced Body
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination - poręcz i system mocowania sprężyn
Footbar and spring attachment system

Revo Adjustment System (Revo Footbar / Revo Springbar)

The innovative Revo footbar and spring adjustment system provides the greatest flexibility and allows you to create ergonomically correct position of each user during exercise, regardless of their size, height, or ability.

  • The Revo Footbar
    – Locking footbar with 4 positions
    – Padded non-slip cover
    – Diameter– 6.3 cm (with padding)
  • The Revo Springbar system
    – Integrated into the carriage – prevents excessive spring tension
    – Five carriage positions (distance adjustment between the carriage and the footbar by more than 30 cm)
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination - poręcz i sprężyny

The Reformer Trapeze Combination also provides a choice of other optional springbar system and footbar adjustments:

Classic Footbar / No-Roll Springbar

Classic, but modernised footbar and springbar adjustment system used in Balanced Body reformers for many years.

  • Classic Footbar
    – 3 adjustable positions with 2 durable supports
    – Non-slip padding
    – Width: 61 cm, diameter: 6.4 cm (with padding)
  • The No-Roll Springbar
    – The oval shape of the bar prevents it from rolling and springs from disconnecting
    – 2 positions available
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination - trapez
  • Stable and safe canopy – mounted to the reformer at 8 connection points
  • Made of smooth stainless steel, easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, discolouration, chipping, and pitting
  • Push-through bar made of anodised aluminium, equipped with a safety strap, adjusts to 3 heights
  • The PTB system for repositioning of the push-through bar – allows for faster, quieter, and one-person repositioning of the bar. Therefore, interrupting the flow of your training session is not required.
  • Easy repositioning and locking of bars (in vertical and horizontal positions) with butterfly knobs ensuring that the springs can be attached at any point
  • Maple wood bar (58 cm long)
  • Padded suspended movable bar with a cotton loop
  • Balanced Body Signature Springs provide efficient arm and leg exercises with diverse resistance
  • The set includes 8 shorter springs: 2 yellow (very light resistance), 2 blue (light resistance), 2 red (medium resistance), 2 black (high resistance), and 4 longer springs: 2 yellow (very light resistance), and 2 purple (medium resistance)
  • 1 pair of lambswool loops
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination - mata
  • Twin mats adjusted to the length of the entire reformer
  • Makes an easy conversion of the reformer possible, provides a stable and fixed base for exercise
  • Fast to install, adjusted to the frame of the reformer (attached to the frame, above the platform, requires only the removal of the shoulder rests and retraction of the posts that support the ropes and the footrest)
  • Can also be used directly on the floor (exercises can be done on both sides of the tower)
  • Non-skid feet pads keep the mat firmly in place during workout
  • Mat surface is 8 cm wider than in traditional Cadillacs, which allows it to be used by every person regardless of their body structure
  • Comfortable upholstery ensures stability during exercise
  • Heavy-duty vinyl upholstery
  • Colour: black
Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combination - wyposażenie dodatkowe

The set also includes:

  • Standard Sitting Box – a reformer exercise box covered with thin high-density foam for greater comfort (74 x 41x 29 cm)
  • 1 pair of single cotton loops
  • 1 footstrap
  • 1 pair of neoprene handles
  • 1 pair of wool fuzzies
  • 1 pair of long cotton webs (for wool fuzzies)
  • 1 pair of adjustable thigh cuffs
  • 1 pair of adjustable ankle cuffs
  • 1 cotton belly strap

Dimensions and weight

Reformer Trapeze Combination

Height: standard 61 cm,
optionally 36 cm or 46 cm
Height with trapeze: standard 217 cm,
optionally 192 cm or 202 cm
Length: 236 cm
Table width: 67 cm
Total width: 78 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Weight limit: 159 kg
Weight limit (Canopy): 118 kg

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