Balanced Body Pilates MOTR


Basic set price.
The price does not include VAT. The price includes the cost of shipping from the USA to Europe and customs clearance costs.

Basic set price.
The price does not include VAT. The price includes the cost of shipping from the USA to Europe and customs clearance costs.

An innovative, universal, and easy to use tool with unlimited exercise possibilities, combining a roller with a set of ropes with varying resistance.

“A modern and versatile tool useful in every home and studio”


The MOTR is a unique exercise tool with an exceptional construction. Although its design resembles an exercise roller, it is much more versatile than an ordinary roller (More Than a Roller). The MOTR is an exceptionally varied and demanding tool for cardio training, balance exercises, functional training, strength training, agility training and many others.

The MOTR combines the comfort of a traditional foam roller with the exercise options using varying resistances. It was designed by Darya Bronston – a Pilates instructor and fitness training enthusiast. It allows you to perform exercises in 8 different positions, quickly change resistance of ropes and work of different areas of the body. The MOTR is the ideal enhancement, complement and revitalisation of Pilates training in professional studios, attracting new clients. It is perfect both for group classes and individual training, without requiring additional space or high expenditures. Its compact size and ease of transport and storage make it a perfect tool also for home use, providing comprehensive equipment for a home gym. Training with the MOTR can also be an effective element of therapy, complementing traditional rehabilitation.

Exercises with the use of the MOTR improve posture, balance, agility, and strengthen deep muscles. It can be used for both upper and lower body exercises.

The MOTR comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Balanced Body Pilates MOTR w użyciu
Balanced Body Pilates MOTR - funkcje
  • Thanks to stability wedges it can be used in the lying position for various exercises, e.g., deep muscle and balance exercises, resistance exercises of the lower and upper body using ropes with variable resistance
  • It can also be used in the standing position, especially for cardio and lower body training
  • Removable extensions equipped with resistance ropes can also be used independently for exercises
Balanced Body Pilates MOTR - cechy
  • The package includes roller, 2 extensions with 3 variable resistance modules equipped with ropes and handles, 2 stability wedges, locking lid and carrying strap
  • When not in use, the components can be conveniently stored inside the roller tube
  • Can be used by users up to 158 kg
  • Designed for users up to 193 cm tall
  • Compact, easy to store, e.g., in a wardrobe
  • Thanks to a carrying strap it can be conveniently carried on the shoulder

Dimensions and weight


Length: approx. 110 cm
Weight: 9 kg

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