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Wunda Chair

Basic set price.
The price does not include VAT. The price includes the cost of shipping from the USA to Europe and customs clearance costs.

Basic set price.
The price does not include VAT. The price includes the cost of shipping from the USA to Europe and customs clearance costs.

The Contrology Wunda Chair precisely recreates Joseph Pilates’s original chair design so that every user can get a feel of how the body was worked with in his studio. It takes up little space, but is a crucial addition to the equipment of any Pilates studio.

“A precise recreation of the original Joseph Pilates chair”

Contrology Wunda Chair

The Contrology Wunda Chair recreates the design of the Wunda Chair designed by Joseph Pilates with the greatest attention to detail. Balanced Body specialists took meticulous measurements of the original chairs made by Pilates, the kind he used himself in his studio, and owned by Kathy Stanford Grant. The result is a near perfect reproduction of the exact resistance and geometry of the original Wunda Chair.

The padded, non-slip pedal of the chair is lighter than most pedals used in other chairs, yet extremely robust. In addition, its mushroom-shaped design enables users to wrap their fingers around the pad, ensuring more efficient performance of exercises.

The Contrology Wunda Chair is an exceptionally effective tool for building endurance of the entire body. This also makes it ideal for sports training, contributing to the improvement of the users’ performance.

The Wunda Chair takes up little space, so it is perfect for studios and apartments where every inch of space is precious.

The Contrology Wunda Chair comes with limited 10-year warranty.

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ContrologyWundaChair Footstep
  • Classic size and shape
  • Single pedal (with the possibility of working as a whole)
  • Padded, covered with non-slip material
  • Exceptional mushroom shape providing greater training options
  • Very lightweight and durable
ContrologyWundaChair Frame
  • A durable frame made of blockboard with poplar laminate finish
  • Classic dimensions perfectly reproduced from the original Joseph Pilates’ chair
  • A seat padded with thin foam making body feedback clearer
  • Upholstery colour: black
ContrologyWundaChair Springs
  • Spiral spring attachment, making it easy to attach and remove them quickly
  • Classic springs with one resistance degree, like in the original chair
  • 3 spring attachment positions
  • The rustic look of the springs and the sound made when working out on the chair fully reflects the spirit of Joseph Pilates’ studio

Dimensions and weight

Contrology Wunda Chair

Height: 59 cm
Length: 76 cm
Width: 54 cm
Weight: 22.2 kg

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